MC Melodee | Get Familiar


It’s apparent upon hearing MC Melodee for the first time that the city of Amsterdam has been hiding an undiscovered Hip-Hop talent within its walls. Lyrically charming [as well as physically striking], MC Melodee is what happens when beauty meets the beat.

A child of the old school teachings of Hip-Hop, her influences stretch as far back as KRS One, Queen Latifah, Big Daddy Kane and more. Even paying homage to the early ’90s Native Tongue movement through the use of electric green, yellow and red paints in her project artworks – the cover art for her recently released My Tape Deck (buy it via iTunes) is reminiscent to that of Brand Nubian’s album One For All; there’s an obvious respect for the culture and art form as a whole.

Originating from Curacao in the Caribbean, Melodee’s musical journey didn’t begin on a solo tip. As band leader of a group her first taste of global recognition came when she and producing partner I.N.T. began to cook up a storm online as La Melodia. After realising her capabilities as an emcee stretched further than she could ever imagine, the group split and as a solo entity, MC Melodee was born.

With collaborations including Mac Miller, Smif-N-Wessun, Chuck Inglish and Bootie Brown (of The Pharcyde) as well as instrumental assistance coming from all angles, it’s her teaming with Spanish production duo Cookin’ Soul that has catapulted her further in to the spotlight. Known more for their remix projects, their jazz infused Hip-Hop soul complements Melodee in the same way an ace served as the final point complements a win at Wimbledon. With boom bap elements and a vibe that takes listeners away to another time, there really is no better pairing this side of the Atlantic.

Rhyming like an unofficial fourth member of ’90s trio Salt-N-Pepa, most of the time Melodee’s bars mirror that of a new age MC Lyte. Lyrically portraying herself as an ambassador for female equality while also letting it be known that she could give the fellas a run for their money, on “Ain’t My Style” she spits, “I’m spreading the word not my legs, can’t go there.” With varying width and depth to her flow and delivery, “Gotta Get Away” hears her slow things down allowing time for listeners to digest her emotive desire to disconnect from the world. Speeding things back up again, Melodee’s much talked about collaboration with Mac Miller, “Genius,” hears her increase the rate at which she reels off her thoughts.

Out now, the Cookin’ Soul produced project My Tape Deck is a modern day extension of the golden era. Featuring boom bap beats and B-girl confessions, MC Melodee just wants the world to know she’s all about having fun without compromising who she is.

MC Melodee online: / @mcmelodee / Facebook / Soundcloud