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TODAY is the birthday of a friend of mine. She’s not necessarily a friend of mine- she’s more like a girl I dated. Actually, she’s actually more of a girl I hooked-up with and had some feelings for. The distance between us (her school is far + I have no car = no bueno) and my demanding schedule (has anyone seen my 8 hours of sleep?), I dropped the ball. Months have gone by without a word from either of us.

Nevertheless, today is the birthday of a friend of mine. I felt I should do something.

A phone call would be too personal and a Facebook post is too groupie. I decided to go the “authentic route” and send her a text instead. A quick message to wish her well… You know: no harm, no foul. I sent “Hey, it’s Mike. Remember, the guy who offered to take you to a matinee?** Happy Birthday” and followed with by a :) Smileys: It’s like garnish for text messages.

Her response: “Thanks Mike… lol” She loved the garnish! I thought to myself. I figured I’d clear things up about the silent treatment from my end. I send “I never forgot about you. Ever.” Maybe she’d smile and then we’d go our separate ways.

Her response… I don’t want to type it again. It bothered me because as an act of kindheartedness, I tried (in vain) to make amends and was totally denied! Ego aside, I will always remember the few good times we spent together, before she was someone I dated/hooked-up with/had feelings for.

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*If you play sports, dropping the ball is never a good thing. It’s worse than losing because this phrase means you don’t have a “handle” on the situation. **She declined on the matinee because I wouldn’t be paying full price for a ticket. I don’t know about the economy in the UK, but the recession in America is no joke!

Should I have left well enough alone and forgot about her birthday?

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