Maya Angelou x Common talk about transformation, responsibility, influence and more (Video)

In this amazing interview, the good folk at Gowhere HipHop sat down with the poet/civil rights activist/living legend/”Godmother of American Hip Hop” that is Maya Angelou and one of the greatest rappers ever Common at the first annual Common Ground Foundation Gala last week, where Common honored Dr. Maya Angelou. They discuss how they first met, her influence on hip hop, taking responsibility for the younger generation and more.

“The truth is, we make a mistake when we think that generations can be separated. The truth is, you need me so that I have shoulders you can stand on. And you need me so that you have shoulders somebody else can stand on. We are one. And to separate us and decide that we’ll be polarized, is ridiculous, it’s stupid, and it’s dangerous.”

“I am responsible to that 5 year old, that 15 year old, that 30 year old, that 55, I am responsible to you. And I try to live my life as a responsible teacher, giver. Yes, I try to live my life that way. So that I will encourage Common to live his life that way, and this is what he’s doing with Common Ground Foundation. He’s living his life, so that younger people can stand on his shoulders. That’s about right.”

– Dr. Maya Angelou

Interview By: Jeff Baraka
Video By: Cam Be x Maks G