Masta Killa – “Food” (Produced by 9th Wonder) | New Music

“So emcees wonder, how me and 9th Wonder make the ladies shake it in the club like thunder.” Such is the beginning of the chorus to Masta Killa‘s new song “Food” – and the Wu-Tang Clan member proves his assertion, delivering a shock to listeners’ systems with a series of substantially thought-provoking bars over 9th Wonder‘s trademark soulful production.

Despite being one of the lesser-known members of the Wu-Tang, Masta Killa has released a series of successful and critically acclaimed solo projects since 2004; as Masta Killa says himself, “when I’m writing, so quenching to the thirst, so refreshingly enlightening, continuously exciting.” Take a listen to “Food” below from Killa’s new album Selling My Soul – out on December 11th, buy it here.