Mary J. Blige addresses controversial Burger King ad, says it ‘broke her heart’ [Video]

While visiting Hot 97 recently, iconic Hip-Hop soul singer Mary J. Blige opened up for the first time about the now-pulled Burger King ad that had many questioning not only the fast food giant’s motives, but hers as well.

Blige tells Angie Martinez that the commercial that was aired was not the commercial she thought she was shooting.

“It’s something that I thought would have been a great branding opportunity. It never was a chicken commercial; it was about a sandwich and I was singing the ingredients in the sandwich — that’s what I thought it was,” she explained.

Blige said she found out about the finished commercial and the subsequent controversy while online attempting to listen to the remix to Fat Joe‘s single “Another Round.” Instead of the song, she said, she was met with accusations of “buffoonery” and directed at her.

“It just broke my heart ’cause people were goin’ crazy,” she said. “And I understand the laughter and the jokes and stuff like that — that’s all good. You’re supposed to do that when somethin’ like that happens. … The thing that hurt me was when people started to say vicious, negative things that didn’t even have nothin’ to do with that. With this did was exposed everyone and everything that was in my life and it showed me who my friends are.”

Blige says that while many were excoriating her, certain friends like Busta Rhymes and Fat Joe reached out to show support.

Ultimately, she says that she was misled and would never intentionally participate in a commercial like that.

“It was a mistake…but I did it ’cause I thought it was something that wouldn’t come out like that,” she said. “I would never just bust out and start singin’ about chicken and chicken wings. C’mon, I know what’s goin’ on out here.”

Check out the whole interview below.

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