Ma$e and Diddy reunite at Drake’s OVO Fest 2013 [Video]


I know Ma$e isn’t pictured above but isn’t the picture sort of awesome? There’s Drake, who actually hangs out with top-notch talent, and he’s probably thinking, “damn, look at Puff. How coooool!” A part of him will always be a fan of the artists he’s looked up to. He’s just like us except he has way more money.

Anyways, I thought everyone would enjoy a good ol’ mini Bad Boy reunion. Ma$e and Diddy performed Ma$e’s “Feel So Good” and Notorious B.I.G.‘s “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.” On video, the performance felt fun and lively. Diddy, the original hypeman, kept the Toronto crowd hyped while the two had fun shimmying to vintage tracks on stage. Check out the footage below.

Photo credit: Karla Moy
Video via RealTalkNY

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