Mac Miller x Most Dope – “No Photos” (Posse Cut Pt. 1) | New Music

Mac Miller gets behind the boards for a 14-minute posse cut by his Most Dope homies.

Adopting his alternative moniker, Larry Fisherman, Mac serves up a cold beat for his crew, who proceed to display varying amounts of talent on the mic. Bill the Kid starts things off quite nicely and some guy who I think calls himself Vinny Radio isn’t terrible. Mac’s right-hand man, Treejay, steps in for some strange sort of R&B thing at some point, which sounds predictably out of place, but the wooden spoon belongs to others who shouldn’t even be allowed near a posse cut (I’m looking at you, babyscumbag).

Whilst you’ll see many of these guys in Mac Miller videos reppin’ a lifestyle his fans buy into, there’s a reason why it’s Mac that’s the one rapping that lifestyle. Still, it’s good to see Mac showing love to his crew and this is a chance to hear him (from around the 7.20 mark) and his oldest friends rap over a decent beat. 

Have a listen below, here’s the order of ceremonies: Bill The Kid, Franchise, Willy Whip$, Vinny Radio, Peanut, G-Reg, Big Homie, Q, Larry F., Treejay & The Cigarillos, Goldie Glocks, Clockwork and babyscumbag