Mac Miller aka Larry Fisherman – “Doodling In The Key of C Sharp” | New Music

Mac Miller‘s alter-egos have been pretty productive of late. Recently his more jazzy self Larry Lovestein dropped a short, five-track EP entitled You and now Mac’s released a new loosie under his production pseudonym, Larry Fisherman.

The track, entitled “Doodling In The Key of C Sharp” and recorded at 6.26 in the morning, is a four-minute experimental jam, which a drunk Mac says was inspired by his (or Larry’s) discovery that he enjoyed playing the piano. The cynical rhymes sound a bit like an Earl rip-off to me, but they’re worth a listen all the same, providing a free-flowing insight into a jaded mind and fitting the off-kilter production well. Apparently he recorded this in one take, so you can’t knock the hustle.

Listen for yourself below: