Lykke Li Reveals ‘Wounded Rhymes’ Album Cover x Tracklist

Following up on her 2008 debut, Youth Novels, Swedish singer Lykke Li unveils her album cover for new album, Wounded Rhymes, which she created together with Australian Leif Podhajsky. Photo by Roger Deckker.

Check out Beck and Mike D‘s remixes of “Get Some” below – available now on iTunes worldwide apart from Scandinavia, who will release within next few weeks and Germany, Austria and Switzerland who will release in January.

Official Tracklisting:
01. Youth Knows No Pain
02. I Follow Rivers
03. Love Out Of Lust
04. Unrequited Love
05. Get Some
06. Rich Kid Blues
07. Sadness Is A Blessing
08. I Know Places
09. Jerome
10. Silent My Song

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