Lupe Fiasco says issue with Pete Rock is not resolved | Music News

In another sudden turnaround in the Lupe FiascoPete Rock sitation, it appears that all is not well between the two, contrary to what we were lead to believe. Speaking with Sway Calloway on Sway In The Morning earlier today, a disgrunted Lupe revealed he was unhappy with Pete’s tweets following the release of his new single, “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)“, and that he was only trying to pay homage by sampling “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)”. According to Lupe, Warner even got clearance for the sample.

“”We wanted to rap over the original. The original music. We were trying to get the original files, the original sound, you couldn’t find that shit no where,” he said. “When we rapped over the original instrumental, we sent it to go get cleared, Warner Chappell tells us – now this is the publishing company – they tell us, ‘You can’t clear that. That is unclearable. They have portions of that song that have never been cleared ever.’ You have to remake, right? You have to remake it. These are the people that are supposed to clear it, and they telling us we gotta remake it. We being told from Pete Rock that we got his blessing to go rock with it.

“Then he comes on Twitter the day after the joint released, on the same day it is released, and bodies me like that? And my team? Bodies my crew like that? And just shits on us like that? That’s foul,” he continued. “And then when we got on the phone, we didn’t have a conversation. We didn’t go on the phone, ‘Oh, I love you Pete.’ At the end of the day, I was hot. My crew was hot. The people who put it together was hot. The record company was hot. He wasn’t just on the phone with me; he was on the phone with six people. Like Pete what’s wrong with you? We are trying to pay homage to you.”

Of course, we all thought the disagreement had been quashed after Pete Rock tweeted out: “I just got off da phone lupe, we worked out our differences and we bout to get it in”. Apparently not. Lupe is even pissed that the producer announced this news, saying he wasn’t supposed to share it like that.

“He wasn’t supposed to say that. He was supposed to say the same shit he say on the phone. ‘Yo, man. My bad. That was whack. It was disrespectful for me to say that. I was 100 percent in the wrong. I apologize.’ That’s what he was supposed to say. He wasn’t supposed to sneak about it. And a matter of fact, the reason he didn’t say when we was on the phone, he said ‘If I camp out right now, I’m going to look crazy.’ I said, ‘You god damn right you gonna look crazy. You got me looking crazy.’”

Speaking on his “Shout to the Friends&Family for bringing some internal closure to this” tweet, Lupe said: “Internal closure. We reached out to him from the street side, we reached out to him from the professional side, from the personal side. The one thing I do give him the credit for and which is the absolute truth is that me and him directly talked about that record was last night on that phone call. That was the first time. He’s been talked to from my team for the last six months. He’s been aware of that record forever. Ain’t nobody steal that record, or thieve his record, or take his record. The only reason we can rap over the original because you can never clear that sample ever again.”

With Pusha T and Lil Wayne (and Young Chop) going at it, too, I guess beef is the order of the day, folks. Listen to what Lupe had to say below.

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