Lupe Fiasco breaks down the lyrics of ”Lamborghini Angels” [Video]

With Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Part One set to drop imminently, what better way to prepare than to hear Wasalu break down the lyrics to that album’s “Lamborghini Angels,” one of the most abstract and complex tracks he’s ever written.

Rap Genius are to thank for this unique insight into Lupe’s mind, and it’s just as well they presented him with this opportunity as the track had me more than a little perplexed.

One of the things the highly political rapper is clearly concerned about is materialism in the rap game and America writ large. As he explains, the “Lamborghini Angel” is a metaphor for the false idols which many rappers (ahem, Kanye & all of G.O.O.D Music) obsess themselves with.

Dangerous as they are expensive, beautiful as they are brash, Lamborghini super-cars are in many ways empty icons. For Lupe, both a man of religion and a millionaire entrepreneur, the fetishization of this alluring object must be problematic. The “suicide doors” on a Mercy or a Gallardo are like an angel’s wings, but he wonders if they’re not also the wings of some sort of demon, an evil spirit to be exorcised, or even a monster.

As Lupe himself comments, the track also tells the story of several characters, one of whom is a preacher, and touches on issues such as racism and inequality. Whilst I try to deconstruct his deconstruction, you should definitely check out the video below.