Los – “I Got You” | New Music

Baltimore rapper Los releases new track “I Got You” – a reworking of The Weeknd‘s “Rolling Stone” – as, flipping the original cut by the XO singer into a sample, the newly signed Bad Boy Records rapper tells the story of a girl who lives on the pole and is addicted to the ends that come from her profession.

Borrowing lines from others and cleverly incorporating them in to the story of a girl trapped in materialism, Los takes lines from the likes of Juicy J (“Bands a make her dance, least that what Juicy say”), Lupe Fiasco (“Bitch bad, no Lupe song”), and Rick Ross (“These n—as trying to hold me back, these bitches trying to hold me back”).

Originally chosen to be a part of Making The Band 2, Los declined the invitation and decided to go it alone until he was signed by Diddy as a solo artist back in 2005. Making the decision to jump ship in 2008 due to inactivity at the label, Los then re-signed with Bad Boy this year after a slew of successful mixtapes and an XXL Freshman of the Year selection.

His new mixtape, Becoming King, is set for release on November 29th. In the meantime, peep his new track below.