LoLa Monroe f/ Wiz Khalifa – ‘Gettin’ to It’ | New Music

Taylor Gang first lady LoLa Monroe is ’bout her paper, and she lets us all know it with her new joint “Gettin’ To It,” produced by Mike Cash and co-starring her big homie Wiz Khalifa.

If I may be totally candid for a moment, when I found out that the girl I’d always known as “Lola Luv” — a beautiful Ethiopian-Trinidadian model with an even more beautiful future behind her — was seriously trying her hand at rap, I immediately made the Shaq face. I’m an advocate of staying in your lane, and I saw Lola rhyming as an extreme deviation from hers.

Then I actually heard the girl spit on one of Wiz’s video blogs and I couldn’t front — she’s not bad. At all.

She’s got a dope voice, a commanding presence and very decent rhymes. Give her the right beat, and she might be on to something.

“Gettin’ To It” is an example of all those factors working together, as Mike Cash’s hyperactive soundbed sets the perfect stage for Ms. Monroe to talk her shit, while her confident bars make you believe that she really is serious about this rap thing.

Only time will tell how far she’ll go and how serious she’ll be taken by those rap fans who are longtime readers (and I use that term loosely) of KING Magazine, but if she’s judged strictly by her product and not by her past, the D.C.-born “Bo$$et” may have a future in this game.

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