Logic | Get Familiar


Currently ringing bells as loud as fire alarms, does anyone really know Logic? Having been recruited as part of XXL Magazine’s Freshman 2013 list, the Maryland emcee with both brains and bite also just signed his first major record deal with Def Jam.

Displaying the skills of a rhyme veteran 20 years deep, Logic is instead a newbie on the scene with just three years experience – unless you count the few years prior when he went by the name Psychological. With a flow as technical as his lyrical content, just expect to find microphone chalk lines wherever he spits bars. Taking various elements from many different emcees, Logic can spit at speed, incorporate comedy in to his rhymes, and take everyday situations and craft a perfectly relatable record for anyone to absorb.

Hailing from Gaithersburg in Maryland, Logic’s skin complexion seems to be the hot topic amongst critics. While as white as cocaine, the rapper’s father is actually African/American. Discussing the subject matter at great length on “Mixed Feelings,” Logic spits, “Perceived as a white boy with the soul of a black man,” the creative art form known as Hip-Hop helps transcends these kinds of boundaries. Compared to the likes of Mac Miller, Eminem, and Machine Gun Kelly (all of whom are white), in truth Logic is more Nas than Em.

With four mixtapes under his belt – Young, Broke & Infamous, Young Sinatra, and Young Sinatra: Undeniable – and the fourth one, Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever, having just dropped there’s plenty of material to be sampled. With an obvious rhyme progression noticeable – he makes honing skills from one tape to the next seem effortless – listeners who love to see a deserving talent reach their true potential will without doubt be satisfied after being introduced to Logic.

Self-described as a young Frank Sinatra, due to his smooth delivery and intellectual lyrical content – his clique is also named the RattPack – his classically compiled mantra is something listeners can identify with. Taking a classic sound – he’s a keen lover of Hip-Hop’s golden era – and adding his own modernised authenticity, falling in love with tracks such as “Walk On By,” “Young Sinatra III,” “All I Do” and “Mind Of Logic” is an easy thing to do.

On the independent grind with his Visionary Music Group team, being able to talk about what he feels listeners can relate to – girls, Hip-Hop, racism, bussing tables – is high up on his priority list. Ripping Nas, Biggie, and Craig Mack beats, it would be stupid not to start paying attention to a kid on the rise with such an impeccable flow. With his untitled Def Jam debut due sometime soon, the fact that No I.D. is executive producing it should be all the encouragement needed to tune in.

Spitting calculated and incredibly thought provoking bars – “How can the sky be the limit when there’s footprints on the moon?” – fans of intricate wordplay will never turn back once baring witness to Logic’s lyrical force.

Logic online: MindofLogic.com / @Logic301 / Facebook