Live From The Living Room: Tinashe performs “A-Liar” (Video)

Refreshing songwriting, gorgeous melodies, pure musicality.  That’s how I’ve felt about Tinashe‘s music since I first stumbled on it 2+ years ago, cruising the live music showcases around London.  Armed with just a guitar and his voice, this Zimbabwe born, East London bred singer/songwriter can hush a room like it’s nothing.

Finally in 2010, we can look forward to an EP coming ‘soon’ and a full album aimed for a Spring release on Mango/Island Records.  Definitely one to watch in 2010. (I’ve been saying that for 2 years but his machine’s wheels actually seem set in motion this time around, so no more breath-holding).

Now, onto his new music… Check out Tinashe’s stripped down performance of “A-Liar” below, a song he wrote and adaptedas nod to one of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend. Its about an EX I caught kissing one of my best friends in a club. I attempted to seek vengeance but got a good kicking for my troubles.”

For some brief background information on Tinashe and an acoustic performance (“Mr Presumption”), I’ll hand it over to Channel 4…

Londoners can catch Tinashe performing live at YOYO (Notting Hill Arts Club) on January 21st. / @TinasheMusic

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