Lili K – ‘Metal Petals’ EP (Prod. Peter Cottontale) | Stream/Download

Talented vocalist Lili K. delivers track after track of soulful, harmonic vocals over the diverse production of Peter Cottontale on her new project, Metal Petals. The Chicago native draws from the deep and diverse talent bed in her city and spans a variety of genres – from hip-hop to electronic to jazz to neo-soul – with featured guests including Chance The Rapper, Sulaiman, and The GTW.

Lili K.’s talent does not stop with her vocals. The songwriter has a knack for crafting easily relatable tracks, such as “Don’t Worry” and “Never Ever” that draw upon commonly felt themes of self-esteem, love lost, discouragement and personal growth in a way that is heartfelt but still hopeful. Stream and download the seven track EP below.

DOWNLOAD: Lili K – Metal Petals EP

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