Lil Wayne and crew accused of assault on a photographer | News

Rapper Lil Wayne is being accused of assault by a photographer while out in Miami, and whilst a police report was reportedly filed last week against Wayne and his entourage, a video has now emerged from that night.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, while Wayne and friends were skateboarding outside a church in a ‘no skate’ area, a photographer was taking pics and followed them to their car. The photographer then alledges he was cornered by eight men from Wayne’s camp, and was intimidated into deleted images from his camera.

The men were then said to spit at and push the photographer to the floor, as well as hit his bicycle with a skateboard. Video footage as well as images have now surfaced on TMZ showing a confrontation between Lil Wayne and a man, presumably the photographer, but then sees Wayne go back to his car.

There has been no word from Lil Wayne’s camp yet.