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Yesterday we reported on Wu-Tang Clan member GZA‘s recent lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and now another rapper will be delivering a collegiate lecture of his own. For reasons no one seems able to understand, Lil’ B the Based God has been booked to deliver a lecture next month at New York University’s Kimmel Center. The official event listing even called him a “cultural icon.” I think we may have crossed into the twilight zone.

The words “Lil’ B” and “college” may seem mutually exclusive to some, but there’s at least one person on the NYU campus who, although relatively unsure of what the rapper will discuss (“You can bet that the male anatomy will enter the conversation at some point“), can see the benefits of attending a lecture from a man who once claimed to have “hoes on my dick ’cause I look like Jesus.”

“At the very least, you’ll have a story that will make everyone jealous when you head home for the summer,” Sophie Kleeman writes in an NYU Local story about the event. “Your friend Greg did four keg stands in one night? Whatever, you heard Lil’ B talk about ponies in the sunlight.”

Actually, Kleeman isn’t the only one looking forward to the lecture. Tickets for the April 11 event have reportedly already sold out.

Though we may not understand the motivation behind it, the Lil’ B lecture should be an interesting conversation piece. If you’re curious and want to smell whatever The Based God will be cooking (dance), you can still try your luck on the ticket front by visiting or emailing NYU’s Ticket Central. Sure, it might be sold out, but if Lil’ B can get invited to lecture college kids, anything is possible.
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