Lenny Williams – ‘Grown Man’ | New Music

Longevity is becoming less and less common in the music industry. As the way we consume music changes, we see many stars rise and fall in very short spaces of time. For that reason, it’s wonderful to see soul and R&B legend Lenny Williams set to release his 17th studio album Still In The Game on the 31st of July.

Many younger artists could stand to learn a thing or two from Williams and “Grown Man” stands as an example of the perfect lesson. An infectious, horn-led track, it is exactly the sort of affair you’d expect from a man who was signed to the famed Motown label.

One thing that stands out is the youthfulness of Williams’ voice. Despite being 67, he sounds like a man a great deal younger, and this zest for life doesn’t just extend to his vocals. Lyrically, “Grown Man” is a cheeky explanation of men’s tendency towards a wandering eye. It’s so brazen that one can’t help but grin whilst nodding along and doing a little two-step.

In an age of short-lived fame, men like Lenny Williams have forged long-lasting careers by creating timeless music.

“Grown Man” is just such a piece of music.

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