Lebron James’ Decision | News

Yeezy and Lebron James at last night’s broadcast

We don’t drop much sports news on SoulCulture, but basketball and music go together than chicken and mashed potato. With all the noise that’s been made about it, I’ve been forced to pay attention to Lebron James televised transfer from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat. The basketball star, heralded as many as this generation’s Michael Jordan, made history by announcing the team he was moving to on live television last night. The broadcast on ESPN is said to have received the highest ratings of the night on American cable television. Many Cleveland fans are upset about not only the transfer, but the decision to announce it live on television, citing it as a betrayal to the team he has represented since being a rookie. Some critics have been pretty unforgiving too. However, regardless of negative feedback, James’ influence as a key figure of basketball this generation is quite flagrant.

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