Lazy Habits Album Stream | SClusive New Music

I’ve enjoyed this band from the outset, since being introduced via their video for “Memory Banks” featuring jazzy vocalist Baby Sol in 2010. An eight-piece live Hip Hop collective formed of percussionists, saxophonists and vocalists, Lazy Habits hone their rhythmic and lyrical talents in album form with their self-titled debut – and it’s a pleasure to SClusively stream the full LP for you now.

“Capturing the varied moods of London town, the Lazy Habits album impresses on many fronts. From its ode to numerous genres to the musical execution itself, the enjoyable, overall feel-good atmosphere created is a fitting tribute to live musicianship and the skill involved in doing so,” our reviewer Henry concluded of their release – read his full take here and take a listen to Lazy Habits‘ debut album below, now available to buy via iTunes.

Follow the group on Twitter @LazyHabitsUK.

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