Lauryn Hill issues statement on the birth of her new son and Rohan Marley rumours

It’s sad that any woman should have to justify or explain herself to the public regarding her personal family developments merely for due to celebrity, but following rife rumours and comments surrounding the recent birth of her sixth child and speculating on status of her relationship with the father of five of her children, Rohan Marley, Ms Lauryn Hill took to Twitter issuing a formal statement.

“Mr. Marley and I have a long and complex history about which MANY inaccuracies have been reported since the beginning,” she states. “To speculate without the facts can only cause people to form WRONG conclusions. We both value privacy and for that reason defend and preserve our right to it.”

The statement continues, “Contrary to the numerous reports, Mr. Marley did not abandon me while pregnant with his child. We have had long periods of separation over the years but our 5 children together remain a joy to both of us.”

“Thank you for your concern and I appreciate all of the well wishes regarding the birth of my new son. Until next time, Ms. Hill.” [@MsHillMvngTrgt]

Retweeting Lauryn’s original statement, Rohan Marley states, “I’m forwarding all well wishes to Ms. Hill on the birth of her new son. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the love being sent to her RASTAFARI R.M.” He later added, “People would rather listen to gossip, than hear from the actual individuals.. Some people just don’t want the truth..”

Congratulations Ms Hill on the new addition to your family.

View Lauryn’s Twitter statement below: