Lauryn Hill breaks down her classic album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill [Video]

Reebok have been impressing me of late. Their brand revitalisation has piqued my interest with all the work Swizz Beatz has done for them, but this series is straight putting them back up there and making those abhorrent Reebok Classics and their chav association a distant memory.

As part of a new series of videos, Reebok have managed to get hold of some of the baddest in the industry and make them talk about ‘classic’ albums, you see what they’re doing there…right?

Having already spoken to Nas about Illmatic, the latest on their hitlist is none other than Queen Lauryn Hill, and of course her 1998 seminal release The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Seriously, all time top 5 album, all day every day.

She talks about her surprise and excitement of organically creating an album that was considered a landmark and describes the concept of the album and it’s meaning. To be honest, no one says it better than Ms. Hill, so let me shut the f*** up and watch the video!

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