Large Professor – ‘Kick Da Habit’ | New Music

Some habits are hard to break, and, fortunately for fans of quality Hip-Hop, Large Professor holds on tight to his tendency of making dope shit. He proves it with “Kick Da Habit,” our first taste of his forthcoming Professor @ Large LP.

While Hip-Hop continues to grow, Xtra P says that there’s something from its past that’s missing.

“The tree’s still growing, still branching out,” he says on his website. “But it’s been so long since we’ve heard these sounds. This is what we love and there’s a lack of it right now.”

“Kick Da Habit” keeps it smooth but funky, and contributes to the preservation of the sound that attracted so many of us to Hip-Hop in the first place.

Professor @ Large drops June 26.

Listen: Large Professor – “Kick Da Habit”

[Props: 2DBZ]