Lana Del Rey covers ‘Blue Velvet’ in new H&M commercial [Video]

As promised, H&M has delivered their first Lana Del Rey-featured TV commercial with an unpredictable and kooky storyline to match their new leading lady.

Lana takes center stage quite literally as she steps up to the vintage mic and sings her own rendition of the 50’s classic “Blue Velvet.” While she’s belting out her blues and captivating the leading man, three Lana clones complete with heavily bouffant hair await in the next room for a chance to step in and take her place.

Lana is wearing pieces we’ve seen in her previous photo ads, including the pale pink fluffy jumper with matching jeans, as well as a retro-style, printed top, but it’s all given an extra lease on life by being transported into a different era built within the commercial.

Check out the 30-second clip below.