Lady Leshurr – “Upset” (prod. Dready) | Music Video

lady leshurr
Birmigham hailing rap star in the making Lady Leshurr reaches back to her 2012 mixtape release L YEAH! to bring us some fun visuals for her Dready produced cut “Upset”. Fun fact about this track, Leshurr freestyled the entire song, yep an actual real life freestyle ladies and gentlemen. Press play and let us know what you think in the C-Section.

Watch: Lady Leshurr – “Upset”

LYRICS: Lady Leshurr – “Upset” (prod. Dready)

Verse 1
Don’t make me get Bumbaclart Upset
Come in a yuh darnce I’m a mash up your set
You don’t want to be around when I get vex
Get stressed I bet that you test
What you tell mi nuh?
Got bag of man bag of gyal pon mi celluar x2
I had to give it acapelllala
23:23 Time ti ti tellila tellila
Don’t make me have to friggin tell ya nuh
Make your head spin round like a propellila pellila
Reign on them girls umbrellila
Get ya get ya um br br brell get ya umbrellila
You smell you nuh
I’ve got time to kill ya nuh
Don’t make me have to don’t make me have to just kill ya now kill ya now
I’ve got money I don’t need no till ya nuh
They say I’m sick they say I’m vomiting I’m not ill ya nuh
Don’t make me Bumbaclart Upset nuh bredrin


Verse 2
Don’t make me get Bumbaclart Upset set
You’ll get nyam like baguette
I will flip on em kinda like I got tourettes
Make them gyal come correct correct
Movie I will direct
AnY bad gyal in a di corner to death to death
Yeah you better get respect
Cus mi don’t Bumbaclart play round you deaf?
You deaf? You deaf?
Yes I will bun on em bun on em
Treat them like a running machine run on em run on em
Done on em
Yeah I friggin come on em
Condom on ahhhh
Yeah I friggin come on em
Yeah I friggin stunt on em
I will bring their father and their mom on em
Mom on em mom on em
Momonomonmom on em
Hahahahah drop the fun on em


Verse 3
Don’t make me get upset Bumbaclart
You might see me in the street Bulevard
You might be with your guys a hundred dogs
We run the darnce
We run the darnce x4
Darnce darnce yep we run the darnce
I can see them running but they haven’t got a chance
Bumbaclart Upset Bumbaclart can’t
Even mess with my style cus you know that it’s the bomb
The bomb the bomb yeah yeah the bomb
I’m freestyling this it’s off the tip of my dome
My dome my dome yeah yeah my dome
Hello Sir Hello Madam

Chorus Till Fade