Lady Gaga is a Kendrick Lamar fan | Music News

Lady Gaga is definitely the unofficial Queen of Twitter, boasting nearly 27 million followers — so if she sends a shout out your way, a LOT of people will see it.

On Wednesday, what started as a simple tweet to rapper Kendrick Lamar thanking him for reaching out to her soon turned into a major endorsement that may open the MC up to a whole new set of fans and followers alike.

Gaga tweeted Lamar first, saying, “What a sweetie calling me this morning to see how I’m doin. See you soon. love from across the pond.” Lamar kept his reply short and sweet: “Very soon. Be safe over there.”

However, when a Black Hippy fan saw the exchange and tweeted Gaga asking whether her fans would now start following the Compton rapper, it was clear that Gaga is not only a friend of his, but also a fan. She replied to the fan by saying, “I hope so. He and his lyrics are the shit.”

If even a fraction of her mega-fanbase is suddenly turned on to Kendrick’s music, he could see a great boost in his already strong following and suddenly be opened up to a more diverse crowd. And could there maybe even be a collabo on the cards…? Only time will tell.

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