King Chip – 44108 [Mixtape] | Stream/ Download

king chip 44108-cover
King Chip – the artist formally known as Chip Tha Ripper – returns today with his latest project in the form of 44108.

44108 is a much darker experience to anything we’ve heard from Chip in recent years and as the title suggests, we hear a lot of retrospective thoughts on his hometown and the general journey to the present day.

“Being out in Los Angeles, it really let me know how much I love where I’m from,” he said. “I just wanted to write about it away from home, that way I can really miss things that I took for granted. It’s for me as well as the people. It’s kind of like my journal.”

44108 serves as a prelude to his upcoming EP Clevelafornia that in turn acts as a prelude to his debut LP Charles Worth. There have been plenty of previews, preludes and premier moments in Chip’s career so far but he now looks to capitalise on the lot with the Charles Worth release.

If like me you can’t quite wait that long, make sure you check out the stream below and download.