King avriel bares all on “180” | New Music

As we prepare for the release of her eagerly anticipated project Thesis to materialise, King avriel delivers the last and most personal single to date, “180”.

The fast rising R&B singer-songwriter has done nothing but impress us with her intelligent and though provoking musical deliveries, challenging perspectives on gender, sexuality and more. And although she has drawn on personal experiences before, the California hailing artist reveals evocative and deeply personal details of vulnerability and abuse on her latest release which was produced by TheOnlyOnesLeft.

“I spend a lot of time thinking about stereotypes in music and how I can subversively challenge them. As was the case with the Caricatures video, I feel it is important to look in the mirror at how my own experiences, as a woman and as an artist, are stereotypical.

180 is my attempt to relive a period in my life when I felt I was not my own person, just a giant cliché — an attention-starved, rebellious girl trying to navigate and find my place in this male-dominated industry. I felt the best way for you to understand where I’m coming from and how it’s shaped me was to chronicle some of my teenage “rites of passage.” While those pivotal moments seemingly gave me more freedom and maybe even some moderate success, they only sunk me deeper into a psychological enslavement, cemented in the materialism, vanity, and predatory nature of LA. I think that story, juxtaposed with the trap elements in the beat — a cliché in and of itself — sets up a nice contrast that hopefully makes you think about the culture we’ve all grown up in.” – King avriel