Kid Cudi previews new track ”King Wizard” from upcoming album ‘Indicud’ [Video]

Kid Cudi previews a new track from upcoming album Indicud, straight from his computer. Watch below as, sitting back and lighting up, the Cleveland rapper plays us a two-minute “teaser” of a track titled “King Wizard,” which he says he’s very excited about.

It’s certainly a simpler affair, production-speaking, than August release “Just What I Am”. On the other hand, Cudi’s tumbling flow works quite well over this sparse, electronic background. The new track certainly marks a step-up from his rather sloppy rapping on  “Creepers”, Cudi’s sole appearance on Cruel Summer. He doesn’t slip from lazy bars into singsong to fill out bars. The hook, less ambitious than that written for the track just mentioned, grows on the listener.

“I can’t decide whether life’s a lie,” he muses on “King Wizard,” typically lonerish and stonerish. Ending up somewhere between resignation and triumph, he leaves us on an enigmatic note: “they’ll never take me alive, King Wizard.”

The subject matter for Indicud is likely to be dark, and to me it seems that Cudder is moving further and further away from the G.O.O.D. Music camp, sonically speaking. “Creepers” marked something of an awkward fit between Kanye West‘s vision and Cudi’s to my ears, and it seems that the latter rapper’s sound will become more insular than its ever been on the new project. He’s reported to be producing the whole thing himself and this could go either way.

At his coherent best Cudi’s charisma and imagination makes up for some of his deficiencies as a rapper; at his incoherent worst this charisma can be lost in a sort of prog-rap moan (I think that’s a thing) which isn’t interesting at all. The name Indicud  and what it suggests for style doesn’t excite me all that much.

For me, the new album’s success will hinge on whether Kid Cui can give himself the right atmosphere to operate in. I’m praying that he does.