KID CUDI INTERVIEW @ Wireless Festival (VIDEO)

Sumit over at sent me his video interview with Kid Cudi from The Wireless Festival on Sunday. Very funny. London, eh?

Watch KiD CuDi take me for a stroll through the press room and to his fans at the Wireless Festival.

Before we began the interview, CuDi has seen the t-shirt I was wearing and bugged out. He had one of his peoples take a picture of him pointing at my tee. I then started talking to Cudi about his performance, he told me he wanted to really stage dive and it was at that point I just let the camera roll.

He just wanted to go for a walk. I’d never done anything like this before and I really enjoyed myself. As we made our way out of the press room, some of Cudi’s fans went crazy!!!! We then talked about his new album, which is being mixed as we speak and Cudi also introduces his DJ.