KiD CuDi announces new mixtape ‘A Man Named Scott’, a rock album + “Maniac” film

KiD CuDi returned to the world of Twitter today with a few announcements, he will be releasing a new ‘rock album’ called Wizard, a mixtape called A Man Named Scott and the video for his Man On The Moon II single ‘Maniac’ this year.

pushing for a summer release of the wizard album. i produce and play guitar on everything with my main man @dotdagenius. he’s learnin bass. the maniac film will b released later this year. cage, shia and i really want everything just right, and i need the proper time for scoring. the edit must be epic. wizard is a rock album, no raps, just singing. brand new thing. flavor. dose of dopeness however will be on the wizard album as a bonus jam. bout fuckin time aye. ive been wearin the same jeans for months, and i feel good about that dedication. workin on some jay and ye shit. ima finish up some thangs and then ima chop it up with yall. word :). annnnd officially going ham. oh i forgot the best news ever….. new mixtape “a man named scott”. thats this summah. for all those who fucks with my raps, this is for u since ima be all rocked out with the wizard shit. also its free! yes!

Spotted: HHNM

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