Kendrick Lamar x ScHoolboy Q rock MTV Hive’s ‘In My Room’ [Video]

Black Hippy‘s in the house. Literally.

For the latest installment of In My Room, MTV Hive and Yours Truly‘s innovative live performance series, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q treat a couple dozen fans in Austin to a one-of-a-kind, few-song concert staged right inside an actual residence.

Leave it to the creatives at MTV to come up with something this cool.

The idea of In My Room is to put on a performance that “removes the barrier between artist and fan,” creating an experience more intimate than any stadium, arena or nightclub could possibly provide. There are no barricades and no burly security guards blocking the view; fans are literally inches away from their favorite artists, close enough to reach out and grab the microphone from their hands if they wanted.

Of course, doing that here would mean some local kid would be rapping instead of the TDE tandem, and since nobody wants to hear that shit they left the MCing to the professionals. K-Dot ran through Section.80‘s “A.D.H.D.” and “Hol’ Up” before Fatboy joined him to give the small crowd a taste of “Hands On the Wheel” from Habits & Contradictions.

In My Room is easily one of the dopest ideas to spill from someone’s brain in quite some time. Hats off to MTV and Yours Truly for concocting this thing. We need more innovation like this.

Check it out below, but please don’t let the ugly, reindeer-laden backdrop or the 70s-era wood paneling fool ya — this is still some Hip-Hop shit. We’ll rock anywhere.