Kendrick Lamar previews “Rigamortus” Remix ft Busta Rhymes [Video]

“I promise you this whole building might burn down when you hear this Busta verse” – Kendrick Lamar.
Just a few hours ago at a showcase at SOBs in New York City, the west coast phenom known as Kendrick Lamar gave an already excitable crowd a preview of a remix of my second favourite track from his Section.80 project. The 24 year old Compton, California raised rapper unveiled a remix of “Rigamortus” featuring the legendary Brooklyn bully foot boss Busta Rhymes. Peep the preview below courtesy of Mikey Fresh.

Damn… just damn. I need the full version in my life now. Stay locked for updates.

Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 is out now. Read our review here.

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