Kendrick Lamar performs “A.D.H.D.” @SOBs New York [Video]

Earlier today we brought you footage of rising star Kendrick Lamar‘s show at New York’s famed SOBs that took place on Wednesday 31st August. Now through the power of the Interwebs, we are able to bring you footage of K.Dot, who was recently anointed as the leader of West Coast Hip Hop by both Snoop Dogg and Game, performing “A.D.H.D”, track three off his incredible album Section.80 [read our review], to a sold out crowd that knew every word of the song.

Bonus: Back in March four months before the release of Section.80, SoulCulture‘s very own Versetti caught up with Kendrick, at the SXSW music festival, and asked him to reflect on all his lyrics written to date and pick out his favourite verse – watch below.