Kendrick Lamar & Busta Rhymes debut “Rigamortus” onstage in LA [Video]

Two months ago during his debut showcase at New York’s famed music venue SOB’s, Kendrick Lamar played a snippet of the official remix to “Rigamortus,” taken from his incredible Section.80 album featuring Busta Rhymes. Since then, any news regarding the track’s official release date and the track itself had gone dead… until last night. Taking a little side step from Drake‘s Club Paradise Tour, Kendrick returned to the Music Box in Los Angeles to headline a special charity concert for victimized women in benefit of L.A.’s Downtown Women’s Center and Project RISHI.

During K.Dot’s “Rigamortus” performance, the legendary Busta Rhymes walked out on stage unannounced and pretty much sent the entire audience apeshit. After getting on the mic to perform his verse off Chris Brown‘s “Look At Me Now” and then declaring his support for the Compton bred emcee Buss Bus asked Kendrick to give the audience a taste of their collaboration, after which Kendrick instructed his DJ to play Busta’s verse off the remix. Bottom line… FUCKIN’ INSANE!!

Dear Ghetts, Eminem, Twista and Lady Leshurr… when the “Rigamortus” remix finally drops please do us all a favor, grab the track and add your verses to it. Cheers!