Kaytranada – “Seeu Enni Way” | New Music

20 year-old Montreal-based producer Kaytranada has just dropped new single “Seeu Enni Way,” a laid back Hip-Hop number that takes its cues from ’90s R&B samples and jerky J Dilla beats.

Beginning with a fractured drum-beat intro, the groove soon settles under a flowing bassline, splaying in funk-inflected vocals and synths and some twisted EQing. In a typically unpredictable style, Kaytranda also showcases a Motown-inspired influence in the last thirty seconds, fading out with a soulful funk breakbeat. It’s a surprising yet easy to listen to offering and will sound excellent with some choice verses laid on top.

Take a listen below to the first taste of new music from the beatmaker since his well-received debut EP Kaytra Todo in February, whilst his label HUHWHAT&WHERE will be releasing their second compilation in the near future.