Kanye West talks corporations, limitations and restrictions on creativity with Zane Lowe [Video]


Earlier this week Yeezus himself stopped by Radio 1 to take part in an extensive interview with Zane Lowe on his life and career as it stands.

In the second part of their hour long interview, which you can watch below, Kanye expounds on a number of issues as he feverishly shouts over Zane Lowe’s questions. Starting from Kanye calling himself the biggest rockstar on the planet, he goes on to talk about the restrictions he finds when he tries to showcase his creativity, ranging from an immersive theatre experience which he claims to have pioneered without gaining any credit to the uneccessary endorsements musicians take on in order to further their marketability and wealth.

Kanye also touches on racism and classism in the interview, both of which are prevalent themes in the Yeezus  album. Through his bravado he makes a number of interesting points on the labelling of his song “I Am A God” and criticises people’s restrictive perceptions of themselves, stating that “I always felt like I could do anything”.

The interview is an intriguing insight into what is regarded as one of the most colossal egos of music today, and although it is amusing in parts with Kanye concluding that he is a Postmodernist that only “wants to help”, much can be gleaned about his creative process and conflicting mindsets of wanting to be respected and gain commercial success at the same time from it.


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