K. Michelle – “I Just Wanna”


Fresh off the season 2 premiere of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, cast member and talented singer K. Michelle takes full advantage of the oppurtunity for free promo, capitalising on her time in the spotlight as she releases a timely video for new track “I Just Wanna,” taken from her upcoming album Rebellious Soul.

The song plays on a juxtaposition between the lyrics and the sound of the song, as the soft piano keys and soulful singing voice from K. Michelle distracts you for a moment from what she’s singing about, with the song being about no-strings-attached sex; “I’m over all the pain that love can bring/ tonight I want sex that doesn’t mean a thing.”

Looking virginal while wearing an all white ensemble in an all white room in the video, K. Michelle is far from it as she sings her desires for a one night stand while staring over through her window at a half-dressed man in the opposing building. As night falls, the act is over as she puts on some black underwear and not much else before she beckons him to come over to her room.

You can watch the video below and download the song on iTunes here.