Just Blaze discusses the art of sampling + his insane vinyl collection [Video]

In a recent interview with Fuse for their Crate Diggers segment, revered New Jersey hailing Hip Hop producer Just Blaze discusses the art of sampling, buying hundreds and thousands of records in one go, and his insanely large vinyl collection.

Claiming that at a guess the last time he counted his vinyl he had approximately 25,000-30,000 records, Just Blaze also admits to buying around 8000 records at one time from fellow producer Shawn J. Period – “He was dumping off most of his collection. I think he had sworn off sampling so the records were of no use to him anymore.”

Also admitting that his first experience with vinyl was when at the ripe old age of just two he stole two Village People records from K Mart, Just takes Fuse on a tour of his studio record collection and breaks down some of the samples he’s used to make hits. He also shares the story of how Aaliyah died on her way to see him and Freeway for a remix of “More Than A Woman,” as well as the vinyl set to be used for it.

Peep the video below.