Joi Tiffany – “Numb” | New Music

joi tiffany

Detroit hailing newcomer Joi Tiffany unleashes her debut single “Numb,” taken from her upcoming Magenta EP after teasing our ears with vocals on Stalley‘s “Swangin.”

The single reflects the notion of its title with its slow paced misty Block Beattaz production, which emphasises the feeling of being drained and passive towards emotional pains. In Joi’s case these feelings occurred through love, explaining via BandCamp that she, “was trying to process why love was so hard.. but couldn’t. Numb was born.”

Take a listen below for some soulful, melancholy vibes.


Verse I
I gave so much / Got little in return / I went full throttle / You crashed and burned us / You can only try so much / With somebody before / The love dies / And then your body, your whole body / No longer responds to pain / And then you’re mental / You are mentally drained

When you tried and did your best / And you gave all of yourself / And no matter what you do / You lose / Da Da Da Da Da Da Da / There are no more words to say / And now I feel so numb, numb, numb, numb, numb…

Verse II
I love so hard / And I’m not hard to love / Yet my heart was mishandled / With no concern / And now I feel nothing / I’m like a stone / I just don’t care to try anymore / And now my body / My whole body / No longer responds to pain / And now I’m mental, I am mentally drained

I feel sedated, sedated / Wish we never dated, dated / Now my heart / Don’t feel a thing / It will never be the same /