John Legend x The Roots – “Shine” (Aamir Remix) | Cast Your Vote!

John Legend and The Roots recently launched a competition for producers to submit their own remixes of “Shine,” from their recent collaborative LP titled Wake Up!.

West London singer/songwriter/producer – and frequent SoulCulture contributor – Aamir put forward his own twist of the song and has climbed the ranks to the contest’s Top 20 today from the public vote.

Listen below and cast your vote tonight – competition closes at 10pm GMT/5pm EST.

Rich in soul, John Legend’s vocals float on a rousing bed of gospel and live instrumentation added by Aamir, it feels so natural, I’m beginning to forget what the original sounded like.

Aamir describes his approach to the remix. “I remember saying, ‘Remember when a remix used to be a remix, new drums, new sounds, new feeling,’ so I tried to go with my own mantra. There’s no use in trying to just add to an already great track that you can’t outdo, you lose creatively that way. If you want to win creatively, you need to take what you hear as being strong and put your own stamp on it, your own style.”

“The bridge was pretty much all me in terms of playing instruments; I wanted to create a different landscape in that section, it was important that i mirrored the vocal and the feeling of the bridge.

“Overall, my goal was to keep the track as true to the song as possible, by making it ‘happy clappy’ having a Gospel influence (as the song reminds me of the civil rights era) but giving it a modern twist and marrying it with hard hitting hip hop drums and a sort of Kanye West type influence on that side of things (seeing as he works so closely with John Legend).”

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