Joey Bada$$ creates a song from scratch [Video]

Hopefully by now, with the hints we’ve been slinging your way (“Hardknock“, “Catharsis” and “World Domination“, but none better than our Get Familiar feature) 17-year-old Brooklyn-bred phenom Joey Bada$$ is a name you’re pigeonholing in that iPod of yours. Just in time before his debut mixtape 1999 drops (June 12th is the date – circle the crap out of it on your calendar), Yours and Adidas present the visual evidence of when young Joey and his Pro.Era beatmaker Chuck Strangers participated in their Songs From Scratch series.

“Daily Routine” is what happened, and it’s the sort of daily dopeness we need from Joey Bada$$. Check it out below.

[via Yours]

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