Joey Bada$$ – “Blooming Blossoms (Flowers Pt. 1)” | New Music

Earlier this month we introduced many of our faithful readers to Joey Bada$$ via our Get Familiar series. The lyrically talented 17-year-old emcee [yes 17!] has slowly but surely been making a name for himself in New York’s underground Hip-Hop scene and online with his equally talented group, Pro.Era (or Progressive Era).

Recently the BK bred emcee has turned up the heat with the release of “Survival Tactics” and “Waves” off his forthcoming solo mixtape project 1999, which resulted in Joey becoming one of the most talked about burgeoning emcees from NY. A few weeks ago, a track entitled “Blooming Blossoms (Flowers pt. 1)” hit the Internets and is now rumoured to be off the Pro.Era front man’s forthcoming mixtape.

The cut is another prime example of three main traits that put Joey head and shoulders above many of his peers and that make him, to quote SoulCulture capo Verse, “the reason why your favourite rapper will retire or damn near go broke trying to sign him”: One – lyrical depth; Two – maturity; Three – A good ear for dope production.

The release of this track should quench the thirst of his ever-growing fanbase as they clamour for more music off 1999, or even the mixtape itself [which thus far hasn’t been given a definite release date]. Thank Verse and myself later…


[via controlaltdelight]

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