Joe Budden – “Momma Said” | New Music

After getting deep and lyrical last week with “More Of Me,” here’s another new cut from Slaughterhouse emcee Joe Budden‘s forthcoming mixtape A Loose Quarter. Latest track “Momma Said” sees Joe once again step into the ‘mood muzik‘ mentality that has characterised his late ‘oos releases.

After an awkwardly sung intro, it doesn’t take long for the New Jersey rapper to reach full throttle, and soon enough he’s bombarding us with feelings about his mother, his father and himself. And yet, whilst the New Jersey man does seem to get just a little bit too wrapped up in his own feelings, what stops Joe from being Drake-like in self-pity are the very real issues of depression, drug-use and failed relationships which play out in his music and lend him a unique voice.  He’s also a much better rapper, and Beewirks’ gentle production gives him pretty much free vein to vent as he likes.

Listen: Joe Budden – “Momma Said”

A Loose Quarter drops November 23rd.