Jessie Ware – “Sweet Talk” | Music Video

Remember when your parents were so desperate for you to be musically talented that they forcibly sent you away to work on pop songs, then made you perform them in the living room with that ginger kid you hated from down the road? Nobody? Well Jessie Ware certainly does, and she recreates the days of innocent youth in the video for her airily-light, tentatively romantic second single from Devotion, the aptly-named “Sweet Talk“.

The visual shows two adorable youts as they work on music in the studio and playfight with their pack-lunches, before nailing a live performance of their track in a nicely-decorated venue that turns out, via a nice zoom out, to be a regular lounge- and unlike me, these creative kids actually want to perform. Their boldness instantly transports you back to those days when you absolutely believed that you could be a singer or a footballer or an astronaut (I was banking on becoming a conservationist, strange kid), and it leaves you quite emotional.

Anyway, Jessie got to live her childhood dream, and she rewards us with a video that matches her sweet, understated sound. Watch for yourself below: