Jessie J – “Casualty of Love” | New Music

I’ll admit that, like most of you, I’ve seen and heard enough of Jessie J in the last two months to last me a lifetime. So much so then when I came across this, her next US single, I almost ignored it.

Thankfully I didn’t, because “Casualty of Love” is a warm R&B number as good as anything that has leaked thus far and a perhaps a better indication of her ability as a songwriter than the two singles that have been ubiquitous on radio in 2011. I love that vinyl crackle in the intro.

Jessie J – “Casualty of Love”:

Her debut album Who You Are is out a week on Monday in the UK and looks set to cement her rapid rise from industry secret to pop phenomenon. The truth is that despite Jessie’s (arguable) overexposure in the early months of 2011, she is a colossal talent, and the album is loaded with great songs that reflect her powerhouse vocals and ability as a songwriter.

If anything, ‘though they were massive hits (and great choices for singles) neither “Price Tag” nor “Do It Like A Dude” really indicate what she’s working with. We don’t know the direction she’ll go in when she does follow up on this early success but personally, I’m hoping she continues making tracks like this one.

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