Jennifer Hudson: AOL Music Session [Video] | Live Music

Jennifer Hudson recently sat down with AOL Music Sessions to talk about her developing relationship [or “marriage”] with her new material and discovering the ‘new’ her; both personally and with respect to her slender new image.

“Sometimes I find it difficult to be able to express yourself and that’s where it came from with ‘I Remember Me,'” she says. “It was the best way for me to be able to put myself out there as far as my emotions, my thoughts, where I felt like I am in life right now…

“A lot of people ask how does she feel about this, everything, they wanna know what’s in my head… and that’s the best way I can put it into words.”

The Chicago-hailing singer also talks working with R. Kelly and Alicia Keys [“I had my most favourite recording sessions in the studio with Miss Keys by far, hands down”], the process of stepping it up a notch on her sophomore album, being a role model and the influence motherhood is having on her career – before performing a live 5-track set of “Angel,” “I Got This,” “Gone,” the project’s lead single “Where You At” and I Remember Me‘s title track.


“Where You At”:

“I Remember Me”:


“I Got This”: