Jean Grae – “Fuckery Level 3000” | New Music

jean grae: gotham down

Until Jean Grae eventually drops her anticipated Cake or Death album, the South Africa born, New York based emcee has been releasing an EP series entitled Gotham Down. The first entry, Gotham Down:cycle 1:Love in Infinity, hit the web earlier this month featuring the Donkey Kong-sampling “Kill Screen.” Following up with GOTHAM DOWN: cycle II: Leviathan, Grae delivers the project’s first single “Fuckery Level 3000.”

That classic dry wit and vicious spitting that makes her one of Hip-Hop’s top-tier emcees is on full display on “Fuckery Level 3000.” Only Greasy can make clever references to Bette Davis, The Watchmen and Roseanne Roseannadanna in a five minute track successfully. Listen and download below.