Jay Electronica Signs To Jay-Z’s Roc Nation + “Shiny Suit Theory” ft Jay-Z Snippet

*Blank Stare* I never saw this coming… I doubt Verse did either (come to think of it, he probably knew about it all along). Yes ladies and tree huggers, sorry I meant back packers gentlemen, your eyes are not deceiving you, Mr. Jay ElecHannukah has signed with Roc Nation.

The announcement was made, a few hours ago, during a secret event at The Box, in New York. According to Miss Info, Jay Elec signed on the dotted line last Saturday after a period of “intense” negotiation. Apparently Jay-Z and Jay Electronica first meet, by chance, in a New York restaurant. After exchanging contact details and eventually a few email messages, Hov sent Jay a verse [No Eddie] which eventually ended up becoming their collaborative effort entitled, “Shiny Suit Theory” (featuring French chanteuse Charlotte Gainsbourg and The Dream).

Thus far there has been no word as to what type of deal Jay has signed, being that Roc Nation is both a record label (J.Cole and Willow) and a management company (Wale, The Ting Tings and Rhianna), but whatever deal Jay Elec did sign this is without a doubt a good BIG look for him.

Whats that I hear? Thats right… a whole bunch of backpackers falling off their seats, calling Jay a “sellout” right before they sit the ground. Many years back, admittedly I used to be what one would consider to be a backpack Hip Hop head but that stopped when I realised that I didnt necessarily want to just listen to one ‘brand’ of Hip Hop. At the drop of a hat I would call every MC that didn’t (constantly) spit over DJ Premier-esque, or Pete Rock-esque beats not “real Hip Hop”. Its suffice to say that I grew out of that phase. However, there are a whole bunch of people out there that haven’t. However, with that being said I would hate if bait *cough* R&B artists such as The-Dream start to jump on the hooks of Jay Elec songs in order to get him played on radio, but I very much doubt that’ll ever happen.

Other than my sight worry, I am genuinely happy for Jay Elec and even more existed (not that I wasn’t already) to hear his official debut album Act II. With both Just Blaze and Jay-Z in his corner and J.Cole on tap ready to collaborate [No red tape business], the future looks bright for Jay Elec.

They might as well call this Roc Nation weekend… because no one (I.e Hip Hop fans) will be talking about anything else other than J.Cole’s Friday Night Lights mixtape and Jay Electronica signing with Roc Nation.

Hit the jump to watch some videos from the from the night. The first being a video of Hov officially announcing the signing and the other is a short video of Jay Elec spitting some lines during his performance on the night.

Hov Making the Announcement

Jay Elec Spittin Heat Rocks…

So if you want that turmoil, I’ll Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Worldstar you/
RapRadar, NahRight, 2DopeBoy you…

I reckon he forgot to say “SoulCulture you…”

Shoutout to Miss Info who came through with (some of the video footage from the event and) a snippet of “Shiny Suit Theory”.

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